About Chef Brendan

Hello and welcome to my website.

I have been a chef, caterer and restauranter for 40+ years.

Until Covid19 hit and I like many chefs lost my job.

So I decided to focus on this web app idea to make a chef’s job easier.

How could I make a chef’s job easier?

I started working with WordPress website design in 2016 with a food blog in mind and a recipe app idea

that I had no idea how to make that would help chefs like

myself plan and cost recipes for functions and daily special ideas.

I studied catering management many years ago when computers were

basically glorified printers. I never used a computer much before 2016. What had changed?

Then that idea evolved to add downloadable promotional videos and visual graphics for other foodies,

chefs and restaurateurs to use on their social media and website.

The photographic download sales would help them promote the dishes and increase sales while reducing food waste and time.

As I have learned, planning and costing recipe ideas takes time many chefs do not have.

Also, the kitchen lighting is not good for food photography, and the heat and grime kill cameras.

Plus this would be a good way to financially support

all the work, time, and cost it takes to bring this web app to life without relying on ad revenue

which downgrades this website user experience.

Now that I am retired, I plan on trying to focus and deliver that.

You can subscribe or follow this website below to see how it works

out or pop a comment on Facebook or Youtube, I would love some feedback.

About Recipes Live

Welcome to @recipelive.

This website helps foodies with recipe ideas, staff training and food cost planning.

We aim to help food ingredient and equipment suppliers connect with food lovers while reducing waste and saving money.

With this site, you can instantly adjust recipes for 1 to 9999 servings, change from Imperial to Metric measurements,

and use the calculator to reduce food waste and save money.

Try a recipe and use the adjustable serving, cooking timers, recipe cost estimates, preparation time estimates

digital downloads, promotional products, media, prints and posters.

MORE VIDEO RECIPES (coming soon).

I can help you create some “chef’s special” recipes for special occasions and holidays.

You can focus on making your food with our recipes.

After all, we all love being treated special.

Custom video recipe production, education, and media services are now available.

Cheers Chef Brendan

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